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Glo-Bus Cameras and Drones

Ahh Glo-Bus. After 10 years of playing this game, a new version has been released. And it’s quite a doozy, not just a simple reskin. I can seriously say this is a whole new game. I’d say the game has become far more complicated as it now measures every decimal point of a PQ rating. There are many different combinations to create cameras and drones now, far more than the previous version. The numbers are also incredibly inflated, there is more money in the game than in previous versions. This whole concept of drones is rather weird.. since drones are so new, and cameras are so old… Like who uses an actual camera now?

The special orders page is rather tilted, as it basically allows whoever is the lowest priced producer of cameras to win them. While I find compensation is weird…. sometimes being short a few employees is a good thing.

On the other hand, New Glo-Bus does do one thing right, it shows the full amount and the INTEREST RATE on the finance screen. This is a godsend really, as I can easily determine which loans I have outstanding right on the screen itself. I don’t need to look back at the balance sheet.

Overall I still prefer the classic version of Glo-Bus that I’ve played all this time, however, I’m willing to move ahead and embrace the new version.


New Glo-Bus Simulation Game Quiz 2 Answers

New Glo-Bus  Simulation Game Quiz 2 Answers

In anticipation of this coming Fall, I am happy to say that I have very recently rewritten my Glo-Bus guide for New Glo-Bus Cameras and Drones.

I am also planning to film a few new videos of New Glo-Bus.

One of the hardest parts of playing New Glo-Bus is doing New GB Quiz 2.


I have shown here an example question.


Which one of the following actions helps boost a company’s image rating/brand reputation?
1) Charging camera retailers an average wholesale price that is typically 10% or more below
the highest price being charged in the region
2) Making it standard practice for the company to offer all buyers of its camera and drones a
full 1-year warranty

3) Using environmentally friendly camera components and recycled materials for manuals and
packaging for the company’s action cameras
4) Paying camera/drone PAT members attractively high total annual compensation packages,
thereby enabling them to enjoy a standard of living well above the Taiwan average

5) Increasing the P/Q rating of the company’s UAV drones



1) Charging more for cameras will not increase image rating or make friends.

2) While helpful to clients, a full year warranty will not necessarily increase image rating or brand reputation.

3) Very helpful, this will in fact boost image rating, but not necessarily brand reputation.

4) Paying employees high wages will not increase image rating or brand reputation.

5) However, increasing P/Q Rating of Drones will in fact increase your brand reputation and your company’s image rating.


For more help with Glo-Bus Quiz 2, please email me at the Contact me now button.

Grand Champion of Glo-Bus

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New Glo-Bus Simulation Game Quiz 1 Answers

New Glo-Bus  Simulation Game Quiz 1 Answers

As of 2017, a new version of Glo-Bus has been released. It is called “New Glo-Bus Cameras and Drones”. However, it is very similar to the prior version of Glo-Bus which is currently being run concurrently.

To help have a review of what this game is about. I have attached a question from New Glo-Bus Quiz 1.


The Global Community Bank, under terms of its long-term banking agreement with the company ,has agreed to lend the company additional monies should you elect to use debt to help finance growth and other financial needs; the interest rate the GCB will charge on such loans is determined is tied to the payback period (1-year ,5-years,10-years) and to

  1. How many consecutive years the company has been profitable and its interest coverage ratio
  2. The company`s net profit margin
  3. The company`s debt-assets ratio and gross profit margin
  4. The company`s balance sheet strength
  5. The company`s credit rating and the going rates of interest in world financial markets

Let’s review these answers.

1 The consecutive years is important, and so is the interest coverage ratio. So therefore, this answer is actually rather right, however it doesn’t quite nail it.

2 The company’s net profit margin for the year does have impact, however isn’t as all encompassing to judge the interest rate.

3) The debt to assets ratio is pertinent, but the gross profit less so. And still it’s not all encompassing.

4) This statement is really quite vague.

5) The company’s credit rating is the all encompassing feature that we are looking for along with the going rates of the worlds financial markets.

Answer 5 is correct!


For more information on New Glo-Bus Quiz 1 or how to succeed in New Glo-Bus, feel free to contact me.

Dave Mar~

GrandMaster of WinBSGOnline

P.S. Need a grand overview of Glo-Bus, or looking to find something specific related to the game? Visit our “Start Here” page.

BSG Chapter Quizzes and BSG Exam 1 and 2

Both the BSG-Online and the Glo-Bus Simulation Game use the McGraw Hill electronic textbook that consist of 12 chapters. For some students whose class utilizes the in-game textbook, will also need to write the 20 question BSG Chapter Quiz or perhaps the BSG Exam 1 or 2 that cover a variety of questions.

The questions are challenging in nature, and require good knowledge of the textbook content to do well. For those who are interested in my specialized Study Aid for any one of the Chapter Quizzes or the BSG Exams, please email me.

If you need help with the game itself, we have a full guide that will help give you an edge and you can learn more about that here.

BSG Comprehensive Exam

Last Update January 30th, 2019

The Comprehensive Exam is arguably the most difficult exam in the BSG arsenal. No amount of memorization or understanding of financial formulas will help you. There is very limited help for the comprehensive exam because most people don’t even understand the Business Strategy Game by itself, let alone to take an exam on the intricacies of BSG at a glance.


If you need someone to talk to in regards to this exam of what you can expect or how to prepare, feel free to email me at my website here.

In the meantime, you can think upon this sample question.


In determining whether It is economically advisable to invest $3.5 million per million pairs of capacity for a plant facilities upgrade that will boost labor productivity by 25%, it is accurate to say that the resulting drop in labor costs per pair produced
1.  will be $0.15 (from $0. 75 to $0.60) at a plant where total annual compensation per employee is currently $3,000 and labor productivity is 4,000 pairs per worker-the labor cost reduction would be a far larger $1.20 per pair at a plant where total annual compensation per employee is currently $24,000 and labor productivity is 4,000 pairs per worker.
2.  will be the same for all of the company’s plants because the gains in labor productivity are 25% irrespective of what other differences In labor-related conditions may exist.
3. will be greater for Asia-Pacific plants with 8-milllon pairs of capacity than for Asia-Pacific plants with 4-million pairs of capacity.
4. will be greatest at plants where total annual compensation is comparatively low and labor productivity is comparatively high.
5. will be smallest at plants where total annual compensation is comparatively high and labor productivity is also comparatively high.