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Best Strategy Invitational Changes & Advice For Fall 2013

Best Strategy Invitational Trophy

The Business Strategy Game Best Strategy Invitational, or BSI, for fall 2013 will have the first decision round deadline of August 5th, 2013 at 10:00 AM central time. There are three Best Strategy Invitationals a year. The first in April. The second in August. And, the third in December.

If you have made it into the best strategy invitational, it is important to note there are some major changes between the the MHHE Business Strategy Game and and the Best Strategy Invitational:

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I’ve always appreciated all of the support for the business strategy game guide I created a few years ago. As I’ve moved over to the new website, I want to include some of the testimonials from the old one.   Here are some of the best ones from teams who bought the tips guide or I personally coached:

CSU Channel Islands Student Quote“Thanks for getting us into the BSI Invitational. We ended up ranking 2nd in the world in our category for ROE and 32nd in the world for stock price. Feel free to add me to the testimonials section of your site (without the name of course) or give students my e-mail address if they want a reference.”

Student, California State University Channel Island (see the top 100 for details)

Lynchburg College Student Quote“Dave, I really appreciated all of the help. We ended up taking first place by the hair on our chin with an EPS of $10.90, an ROE of 19% and an Image rating of 92. Our Credit rating only went to a B+. Enjoy the beer money : )”

Student, Lynchburg College

University of California Berkeley Student Quote“Hydro Shoes ended up taking first in our industry and getting 100% on both quizzes. Thanks for the year 16 help, we really messed up.”

Student, UC Berkley

Clemson University Student Quote“I’m sorry for all of the e-mail harassment. Thanks for the last minute help we ended up going with your original plan and barely taking first. The teacher said it was the largest comeback he has ever seen in the seven years he has used the game”

Student, Celmson University

Cal Poly State University Student Quote“Thanks for posting the study guides for the quiz. Our whole class bombed them and our teacher ended up using our grades as extra credit.”

Student, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Cal Lutheran Student Quote“We could haven’t come back if it wasn’t for your help and the guide. We were really screwed and the help the teacher was giving us was honestly making things worse. You were right we were thinking of things in too much of real life terms. We need to take a step back and approach the game a lot more like we were playing chess. Thanks again. It really meant a lot.”

Student, California Lutheran University

If you want any more testimonials or want me to provide references, please feel free to contact me on my contact page or look at our twitter account. We have numerous examples of students we have interacted with in the past on that page.

Win The Business Strategy Game 2.0

Business Strategy Game Guide V2

Welcome to How To Win The Business Strategy Game website Version 2.0. I’ve revamped the content on the site to equip your business strategy class team to win the McGraw Hill BSG-Online simulation. I’ll be focusing on continually updating this version of the website to ensure you’ll be able to find the information more effectively, and get more out of it.

Changes for the Win The Business Strategy Game Guide:

  1. I added a free How to Win The Business Strategy tips guide.  Previous athletic shoe companies complained about not being sure if this tips guide was worth it or not before they purchased. I hope this will address some of these issues.
  2. The How To Win The Business Strategy Game Online eBook has been updated with even more lessons learned from coaching teams.
  3. I added a YouTube Channel where I will upload various video tutorials. The videos will range on different topics from how to use the decision entry screens, calculate exchange rates & tariffs, and even critique other groups final presentations and powerpoints. I hope the visual learning will make it a  easier to learn how to win The Business Strategy Game.
  4. I’ve made some massive design and functionality changes to the site that will make the site more user friendly.
  5. The eBook and tips guide are now formatted for easy reading on any device.
  6. I’m going to continue updating the site with content these next few months to give free information away for teams who don’t need the guide or want more of a sneak peak before they move ahead with the purchase.
  7. I’ve done a better job integrating social media. Some of my past users thought it might have been a scam and I hope the social media will provide some real world legitmacy to my eBook.

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