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My Win Glo-Bus Simulation Story

Dave Marzon McGraw-Hill Business Strategy Game Online Expert

Last Update January 18, 2024

Thanks for reading my Glo-Bus Simulation Game Blog, I hope you read my original exploits in the BSG when I took my Bachelors. About 2 years ago while in my masters program, I had to play yet another Business Strategy Simulation Game known as “Glo-Bus”. Thankfully I was able to hide my true identity as a BSG Grand Master from my class.

Similarly Glo-Bus was worth a whopping 35% of my grade, unlike my lax BSG experience, I carefully watched all the Glo-Bus videos and read the Glo-Bus player’s guide. In playing Glo-Bus, was I quickly able to apply a few theories from BSG and creating a few original ones. Ultimately I was able to raise win all 10 rounds of Glo-Bus and got my A.

This all happened in Fall, and I had 5 months to retool and rethink my strategy for the May Glo-Bus BSI. Yikes, competition was fierce, and I lost the first 2 rounds. However, I rebounded back stronger than ever with a “deferred strength” strategy and became a Grand Master of Glo-Bus.

It was a natural progression to have a Win Glo-Bus area where I am offering a free tips and tricks guide for people who want to navigate around the pitfalls of new players. And a comprehensive guide for those who want the fastpass to victory with my proven unbeatable strategy or those who need a desperate strategic overhaul and need expert help to lead the company out of the red.

I didn’t have a lot of money in my first few years of post-secondary, so I invite you to subscribe and get my Free Tips Guide sent to your email!

Receive My Free Glo-Bus Tricks Guide

One email to your outlook, and you’ll have my Glo-Bus Tricks guide which elaborates on my Top 10 Glo-Bus points. I promise to not spam your email, and hopefully my gift to you will help put your company on the winning track.

If you’ve read my free Glo-Bus Tips, you may want to check out my social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook channels. I try to post something a few times a week that you may find interesting. You should also check out other areas of my site which includes:

  • Formulas for making the Glo-Bus Quizzes Easier
  • A few Youtube videos that discuss my thoughts on Glo-Bus
  • Articles regarding Glo-Bus news and the latest developments I’ve been strategizing
  • And more to come!

If you want to chat and want to ensure success for your game, send me a shout. My contact information is all over the site.

Yours Truly,

Dave Mar
Glo-Bus Game Online Grand Master

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