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My Business Strategy Game Story

Dave Marzon McGraw-Hill Business Strategy Game Online ExpertLast Update January 16th, 2024

I want to thank you for visiting my Business Strategy Game (BSG Online) website. Five years ago, I was sitting in a similar situation as you. My undergraduate business strategy teacher made us play the BSG-Online simulation for 40% of our grade. My team and I started the game with minimal knowledge and flailed for the first three decision rounds. We got our act together and began to study the game. I’m an excel and math geek and started to break the game down and understand it on a deep level. Two decision rounds later, I was ranking 3rd in the world. That summer, I played in the Business Strategy Game Best Strategy Invitational (BSI) and won that as well. I took first in the world seven out of ten decision rounds and won the BSI again when my MBA program used the McGraw Hill Business Strategy Game simulation as a learning tool also. I’ve created this website as a final project for an online marketing class (and to help me pick up an extra bar tab a month.) It has two components. A free section gives the casual reader some tips and tricks in class and a paid guide for people who are behind and need to catch up or students who want to save themselves the headache and win.

This free website and paid guide are a collection of the strategies I have used myself while winning the Business Strategy Invitational multiple times, seen work by my competitors at the highest level of play, and implemented on dozens of teams I’ve personally coached.

I was a poor undergraduate college student, too, at one point, and I understand your unwillingness to pay for an additional book. I highly recommend starting below with my free tips guide. Stick in your e-mail address, and the tips guide will be in your inbox instantly. No spam.

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After you read the free Business Strategy Game Tips Guide, I recommend checking our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels. I daily (thank you, Hootsuite, for making it so easy!) update them with tips and food for thought from the paid guide. I include tons of free information to give you a leg up on your classmates on my blogroll. The FREE BLOG covers topics like

  • Tips and equations to make the quizzes easier
  • An easy to understand tutorial on exchange rates, tariffs, interest rates, and how to utilize them to your advantage
  • YouTube Videos on how to play the game and learn the software as quickly as possible
  • An distilled version of the players guide to save you a lot of time
  • So much more

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback, click on my name below and I’ll respond to you as quickly as I can. If you’d like an overview of the content we publish, take a look here, and if you’re interested in Glo-bus, start here.


Dave Mar
A McGraw-Hill Business Strategy Game Online Expert

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