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My Mission Statement To Students

My Mission Statement to Students

To help students learn in the most effective, efficient, and meaningful way possible with real world application. The strategies that I utilize will positively impact all those who come to me for help, whether it be at the beginning, middle or the end of their game. In this endeavor, I am the most accomplished BSG/Glo-Bus player in the world with years of experience, and possess a solid business foundation of strategic management.


Even before I became a Grand Champion, I had someone come to me asking me for help. It was an elderly lady (well she was 44, and I was 20) who was struggling with the game and  saw potential in me for help. At the time, I had already proven to have won the game once before, and I helped her because I thought she was a kind person.  After successively improving her company, she said to me that I had a gift and that I should use it to help people. In thanks for helping her, she gave me money to buy the new expansion of World of Warcraft (this was years ago when it was big), and I was extremely grateful.

Since this time I have made it my mission to help students who find this game difficult or just don’t have time. The strategies that I suggest are practical and have real world application. I am reinforcing concepts that are being talked about in class.

In the real world, when someone doesn’t know something. They ask someone who does, whether it be an accountant, lawyer, a doctor, etc. A business owner who is suffering, would only be smart to use a business consultant or read more about the industry they are attempting to operate in. In real life, it’s smart to ask an expert.

Living in the 21st century, we live in an information age where everyone is connected. It’s easy to make friends in different parts of the world and that what I’ve done by helping students.

I’m a student like yourself trying to get passed my classes and starting up my career. If you choose to reach out to me by buying my guide or asking me to review your game. Consider me as a friend, and I’ll help you just as I helped many before.

by Dave Mar

David Mar is the one-student army behind Win the BSG Online. He's 25 years old, working on his MBA and representing California. He has been playing strategy games competitively for 8 years and placed numerous times in the Global Top 100 of the Business Strategy Game or BSG-Online.

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