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Glo-Bus Quiz 2 Formulas

glo-bus simulation quiz 2

Last Update January 30th, 2019

Glo-Bus Quiz 2 is a lot harder than Glo-Bus Quiz 1, and it’s not uncommon for students to fail this quiz or get really low marks. The game uses its own defining terms for some of it’s references, which even confused me at times. I plan to expand this page in time, but I wanted to have something up so people know have an idea of where this is going.

Glo-Bus Quiz 2 Formulas:

  • ROE = Profit / Average Equity of current year and past year (in my hometown, RoE is just profit/equity)
  • EPS = Earnings/ Common Shares
  • Free Cash Flow = Net income + depreciation – dividends
  • Times Interest Earned = Operating Profit of last 4 quarters/ Net Interest of last 4 quarters
  • Debt to Equity = Long term debt /Equity
  • Dividend Payout Ratio = Dividend Per Share/ EPS
  • Dividend Yield = Dividend Per Share / Stock Price
  • Current Ratio = Current Assets / Current Liabilities (this one should be easy for most people)
  • The percentage of total production costs to net sales revenues = Production Cost/ Revenue
  • The percentage of delivery costs for cameras to net sales revenues = Delivery Cost / Revenue
  • The percentage of total marketing costs for cameras to net sales revenues = Marketing Cost / Revenue
  • The percentage of total administrative costs for cameras to net sales revenues = Admin Costs /Revenue

Glo-Bus Quiz 2 is timed, and there’s a lot more to know than just a few formulas, you also need to know exchange rates and the questions can get really complex. The questions are really varied, but you need to know how these formulas interact with each other over the context of the game.

Email me if you want help, I’m so busy these days, but I will try to get back to you with an answer to your question.

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by Dave Mar

David Mar is the one-student army behind Win the BSG Online. He's 25 years old, working on his MBA and representing California. He has been playing strategy games competitively for 8 years and placed numerous times in the Global Top 100 of the Business Strategy Game or BSG-Online.

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