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Contact Me With Any BSG/Glo-Bus Online related questions!

Have you purchased the BSG/Glo-Bus Online Guide and have a question? Or are are you a little hesitant to complete the purchase the guide? Is there an error on the site?

I am more than happy to answer any Business Strategy Game or Glo-Bus Online related questions. Feel free to tweet me, send me a message over facebook, Skype or just fill in the contact form below. Search my name on Skype “Dave Mar”, location California in the United States. I try to answer all answers within 24 hours. I’ll never share your information or add you to bsg-online my e-mail list.

If you are in need of customized support on difficult BSG Online topics, I prefer to use Skype to save time and better understand your problems and struggles. Many Business Strategy Game Online can be very complicated and I need to understand both what your team is doing and what other teams within your industry are doing. Please be ready to share your decision entry screens and necessary reports. I’m always happy to help but I am a busy MBA student and like to be efficient with my time.

I would also suggest e-mailing the support on if you have trouble understanding an aspect of the game. Surprisingly, they are very helpful at helping you understand The Business Strategy Game Online.

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