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Best Strategy Invitational

This category is dedicated to the differences between the Best Strategy Invitational (BSI) and the McGraw-Hill Business Strategy Game. GLO-BUS Software Inc, the creators of the BSG-Online, will throw you curve balls during the BSI. You’ll get daily e-mails telling you about changes to the game on a week by week basis. This blog category will help you anticipate those changes and plan multiple decision rounds in advance.

Best Strategy Invitational Changes & Advice For Fall 2013

The Business Strategy Game Best Strategy Invitational, or BSI, for fall 2013 will have the first decision round deadline of August 5th, 2013 at 10:00 AM central time. There are three Best Strategy Invitationals a year. The first in April. The second in August. And, the third in December.

If you have made it into the best strategy invitational, it is important to note there are some major changes between the the MHHE Business Strategy Game and and the Best Strategy Invitational:

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